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Lausanne port

The project site is located in Ouchy,and there is the leman lake at front of the site. Lausanne Switzerland. the project required a port with 8 piers for new ships and to create a new atmosphere of the park. Before this project, there was an english-garden, a small port and some small shops. However i would like to propose an idea in which we could integrate the whole space.

The project is project is integrated into the landscape. I placed the project on the front of the lake as direct connection between the metro and the port. For these reason,I extended the land to the lake and connected the metro to the port.

The form of the project and the park in the site were extracted from flow lines, and extended the land and the site ground. I choose some crossing points from these lines and to enjoy the view of the lake and the city, I lift up some parts which become the project and parks. Under these volumes, i located all functions for the port.

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